Thursday, May 3, 2007

Only Forward

I did a good job on the data analysis, and then BOMBED during my second and last interview. I provided way too much detail, meandered, and basically gave the interviewers the dubious pleasure of associating my name with the worse case of logorrhoea they will be ever be exposed to. They let me know during the interview that I was engaging in far too much detail and description - but I, champion of useless verbal prolixity, found myself unable to contain the tumult of irrelevant words and literally buried my possible new job in a mountain of verbiage. The presentation was excruciatingly overwrought and they had to interrupt me to make me understand how badly I was failing! I also failed to follow-up with questions that would have taken my analysis to the next level. Oh well. It's objectively all valid, and helpful. I'll make sure to dig out the job with concision and focus next time I interview from where I've left it buried this time. But I'm not at all downtrodden. We learn and we push on, only forward. Great experience and they will be familiar with my name next I apply.

Caught the Director's Extended cut of Daredevil, a much improved and tonally different film from the theatrical release. Forgot how much I enjoyed the religious ambivalence and almost existential despair of this particular superhero. More comments to follow.

The lunch with my friend-in-the-making, alas, did not take place. I perservere in the hopes of ... something. Faith.

A close friend and I need to have a calm, dispassionate conversation about some very emotional subjects. Outcome unknown.

Been listening to the Deutsche Gramophon Complete Edition of the works of Chopin. Nights are never quite lonely with such joyous beauty.

Vast in scope and impeccable in execution are the releases of Howard Shore's Complete Recordings for The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers. The 5.1 DVD mix provides a superb listening experience.
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