Saturday, May 5, 2007


I got the job!! Lo and behold, against all expectations! They called me the next day and offered me the position. I was befuddled. But wait...didn't I....yesterday I...? I didn't even have to articulate the questions. The hiring manager explained that they had wanted to test me, to see how well I responded to pressure. I passed. The next day I met the person with whom I'll be working closely. The prospect of the career change is terribly exciting. It feels like something I've been after for such a long time now, coming into fruition. On my first attempt. I was ready to try multiple times. I'm so happy!

This just motivates me that much more to work on my stories, and to continue to strive for improvement in everything I do.

Breakfast with a co-worker (same person whom I blogged about in reference to the loss of a loved one to cancer and the problem of evil) was good indeed; fun stories and carefree banter.

Sunshine streams on us this morning, not sunshine like a lance of light, not sunshine like honey or gold, but sunshine like the memory of a loved one smiling, sunshine like innocence.
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