Saturday, May 12, 2007

Battle Royale

I've drifted away a little from the discipline I was constructing, with these posts and in my daily rhythms. I'm going to return to form now...

Feels good to share my job change with my peers at work. Feels good to be changing my job, probably effective June 1st. Like I told someone today, I'm not sure what my boss' perception is. I can't really read her and I have no idea whether, in her heart of hearts, she believes I did a good job with my graveyard position, simply maintained the status quo, or fucked up. Doubt it's the latter, because I would have heard about that. Leaning towards the status quo option.

Yeah. I did. Materialist excess: I went on a DVD shopping spree the other day.

To complement the true excess, my new HD LCD, a nifty Samsung LN-T4061F.

Part of the reason I allowed myself to temporarily escape into...somewhere else, I guess.

Breakfast with another co-worker yesterday was good indeed. Talked about documentaries, books, and once again the sun cast its radiant blessing on these guiltless toils.

Tomorrow will be fun, regardless of what I do, who I meet, or how far I travel.
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