Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Chiaro Oscuro

My friend-in-the-making is no more, alas. It was worth a shot and I regret naught. Of course, the rejection can sting a little. But that's always the risk. I still wish things would have worked out better, but I have no control over other people's desire to spend time or invest their energy in me. On to greener pastures.

All the plans I'd made for Sunday fell through (including ones with the aforementioned friend). Still managed to have a somewhat productive weekend even though it took a few hours to work myself out of a mild funk. I watched Stay Alive (2006) and The Covenant (2006), two worthless horror flicks. I watched the former for John Frizzell's music and the latter ... well ... it seemed like a good idea at the time. The car-on-truck collision was nice.

One of my best friends and I started watching Babylon 5, from the first episode, Season 1. What a wonderful experience. I've never seen the complete run on DVD (some of my sets are still in shrink-wrap, but not for long!) and it's a true pleasure to engage this epic story on DVD and to be able to share it. Season 2 is when things start to pick up - I can't wait.

I have four more days of work this week and then a week of vacation. Family farewell, an inversion of my schedule back to day hours, and then starting my new job on June 1st. In all this, I will make it a point to send out more stories and refocus on my writing and reading.
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