Friday, May 2, 2008

Third Suite

Finished the first, second and third drafts of the new story. Revised some sections ten times. I'm going to let it rest today and go over it again over the weekend, hoping I'll essentially just be tweaking it at that point.

My mom is staying over! All the way from Spain!! Only seven days in all, but it's still hella cool. Our plans do not include any daring feats of extreme sports, but are more inclined towards the simple fun and the comfy. Yesterday we watched the Bonus DVD that comes along with this outstanding cd. Astonishingly beautiful.

April's fitness goals achieved! Tasting a diversity of foods yesterday was like taking my taste buds on an excursion to the zoo -- and then getting to open up the cages and gobble all the specimens! Sorry for the cruelty of that image. Besides, I would never eat the Hippo. I couldn't, not after reading Ford's "After Moreau."

Looks like I may be work-traveling to Bellevue, Washington sometime during May, so I get to add that to my 08 travel tally.
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