Saturday, July 6, 2013

#14 out of 40 — "Even the Darkness Will Not Be Dark to You"

Finished The Peacock Cloak, the story collection by Chris Beckett I started yesterday. Much to admire here. There was really only one story that didn't quite work for me (the title piece, ironically); the majority were well above average, and a few were outstanding. Plus it includes goblins. I took a stab at summarizing my thoughts in a short-ish 500-word review tonight--being used to writing reviews of 1,500+ words, this proved challenging--which I'll sleep on for a couple of nights and tweak next week before submitting.

That covers today's writing, which makes it Day 29 of the writing streak. (Words intended for publication involving payment is what I'm counting here; I know others restrict their streak-related word-counts only to fiction, for example).

First time eating crab tempura, served with green tea salt (also a first).

Took in my 2004 Ford Focus to the dealership for an 80K service check this morning at 8 am and picked it up 11 hours later. Many things were done, in addition to changing the oil and oil filters and rotating the tires: new engine mount, new serpentine belt, axle bearing replacement, rear brake adjustments. A cool $1,300 later (!) I can say the car runs far more smoothly than it has in ... well, ever. It's *a lot* quieter, breaks more easily, has better traction during turns etc. Despite the whopping expense, I'm glad all of these issues were taken care of before they became problems. I'm choosing to think of it as a long term investment, he said. 

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