Thursday, July 4, 2013

#13 out of 40 — The Peacock Test

Well, just about all of the fireworks have died down here and the day is coming to an end. Hope everyone who lives in the U.S. enjoyed their 4th. Nice day off today, with a lovely long morning walk for a late breakfast, and an unexpectedly cool afternoon (after a *very* hot midday).

I started reading Chris Beckett's latest collection of short stories, The Peacock Cloak, and got halfway through. I remember enjoying his earlier collection, The Turing Test, almost exactly four years ago to the day, and reviewing it for the now-defunct The Fix. Several of the stories from The Turing Test stayed with me over the years, and so far I'm also finding much to enjoy in this latest gathering of a dozen tales. Hopefully I'll be reviewing this one as well.

Day 28 of writing streak, with the first draft of the new story done. It's going to need quite a bit of tightening--but hey, now at least I have something to tighten.

Today, for whatever reason (fireworks?), I found myself thinking of that classic NIN track from the Natural Born Killers soundtrack. Ah, sweet memories. Nice live version here:

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