Saturday, December 8, 2012

Starred LJ Review and Interview

Library Journal and SF Site have now both published reviews of WHEN THE BLUE SHIFT COMES:

"The two sections of this partial debut resonate with point and counterpoint and create a literary work that resembles both music, in its working out of its theme and variations, and poetry, in its sheer joy in the language of the imagination." -- Library Journal

  • Steven H. Silver reviews the book over at SF Site. He also says many nice things, though on the whole is a little more reserved in his final evaluation. A few noteworthy comments:
"In the second half of the story, "The Last Mandala Sweeps," Zinos-Amaro takes up Silverberg's narrative voice very ably...Zinos-Amaro does an excellent job with the material Silverberg handed off to him." -- SF Site
  • Scott Asher over at has published an interview with me focusing on my involvement in When The Blue Shift Comes. Scott asks some great questions, and I hope you'll enjoy it.

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