Thursday, November 15, 2012

Early BLUE SHIFT Reviews

Two more new reviews of WHEN THE BLUE SHIFT COMES, one of them very positive, one of them not so much. I will quote a few positive lines from each (since I intend to quickly forget anything but the praise) :-)

  • Writer, editor and photographer Steve Statham observes, among other things:
"Silverberg wrote the first half of this novella and then handed it off to Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, who did a fine job completing the story. It could not have been an easy task—Silverberg employed a very unique voice, almost as if a flighty angel were telling the tale, but Zinos-Amaro picks it up seamlessly. [...] Nicely done, Alvaro."
  • Well-known reviewer Steven H. Silver, over at SF Site, notes:
"Zinos-Amaro [...] manages to mirror Silverberg's experimental narrative style quite well, beginning with the same type of rhetorical flourishes Silverberg engaged in. However, Zinos-Amaro builds on the foundation Silverberg has given him by introducing more of a plot. 

[...] Silverberg's stylistic choices, along with the ambition of the topic, could not have been an easy puzzle for Zinos-Amaro to solve, but he manages to recreate Silverberg's voice, add a plot to Silverberg's more vague scene setting, and bring about a conclusion, which, if not as strong as one might wish, is better than the material may have expected."
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