Monday, December 13, 2010

New Piece Published at Salon Futura!

My essay on Generation Starships, "The Next Generation of Generation Starships," has just been published in the fourth issue of the nifty on-line magazine Salon Futura.

Salon Futura which has great features on short fiction, articles on trends and tropes in SF, and short blurbs on books that have just appeared, all by the likes of the talented Karen Burnham, Jonathan Clements, Sam Jordison and of course the editor herself, Cheryl Morgan. It's a pleasure to appear in its pages.

If you're looking for reading material, the "Pipeline: December 2010" piece has some interesting picks.

Incidentally, I've always wanted to publish a piece with the phrase "The Next Generation" in its title. Sigh of relief. Can't promise this will be the last time, either.

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