Monday, August 25, 2008


I think I'd forgotten to mention that Strange Horizons accepted my review of Year Million for publication last week; another non-fiction sale! Yay! The review should come out during the first half of September. Updates as I get them.

The week is off to a productive start, after a fulfilling weekend. On Saturday, as I'd planned, I revised story 082108 one more time and submitted it. On Sunday I wrote 2,000 words on the new critical piece during the day, and 1,000 words of the new (long) short story during the afternoon and evening. Today I've managed some reading, starting book #26, and more work on the story, which will end in the same place I'd envisioned all along but will get there differently.

And I've continued to purchase new and used books at a breakneck (and break-shoulder, from all the hefting involved) speed!

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