Saturday, April 19, 2008

Peters Canyon, No Glimpse of Mary

Yesterday a friend and I completed a loop around Peters Canyon, opting for the trails with the steepest inclines. It was a great workout, all in all close to 6 miles.

Today at the gym my body seemed to respond to yesterday's change in pace. I found running on the treadmill easier than other days, and completed 4.5 miles in 46 minutes.

Keeping busy working on the next set of story reviews (flash fiction this time), reading and working on my own fiction. Eleven more days to go as far as my physical challenge for April is concerned; I'm stoked to have gotten this far.

Amazingly, John Kessel's new short-story collection The Baum Plan for Financial Independence and Other Stories is available as a free Creative Commons dl at the above link, as well as through regular fossil channels. Haven't read it yet but I'm well ready to make an investment.

Though I haven't yet worked my way through the complete 07 LRSF (but I haven't forgotten about it, either!), another list has recently been posted which contains recommended 2007 short fiction. It is Dave Truesdale's 2007 SF & Fantasy Recommended Reading List, and well worth checking out.
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