Sunday, April 20, 2008

In the Shadow of the Future

Watched the stunning documentary In the Shadow of the Moon yesterday. It's the best docu I've ever seen on the manned missions to the Moon.

Other docus:

BBC Space, made up of six 30-min episodes. Fun themes and neat graphics, but there was way too much emphasis on the "coolness" of the presentation, at the cost of the show's content. Sam Neill's narration/hosting was effective. Unfortunately, the script often presents the viewer with generalizations so broad they're not very useful, and sometimes of questionable accuracy.

BBC Ocean Odyssey, which follows the eighty-year journey of a bull sperm whale. There was heavy CGI work in this one but it was really well-done. A must for anyone interested in the world beneath the waves.

Earth is the feature-length docu film associated with the rightly famous Planet Earth series. It contains some of the most captivating shots I've ever seen of various habitats in our little globe. Plus we get Patrick Stewart's narration.
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