Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Writing and 2015 Stuff

2014 Writing

A review of the year, with links galore:
  • The UK edition of When the Blue Shift Comes, with Robert Silverberg, was published by Gollancz. Seeing it on the shelves at Blackwell's in Oxford during our WorldCon trip was so cool.
  • Throughout the year I wrote 17 new stories. I started 3 other stories I didn't complete but will continue working on in 2015.
  • I sold 14 short stories: 11 to pro-paying markets, and 3 to non-pro markets.
  • I had 9 new stories published in 2014. Here they are:
  1. "Fires of Night" appeared in the anthology Dark Expanse: Surviving the Collapse, edited by Alex Shvartsman and William Snee.
  2. "Coffee in End Times", with Alex Shvartsman, was published in Nature. It was also podcast by Nature.
  3. "Hot and Cold" was published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact.
  4. "Eine Kleine Nachtfilm" appeared in Galaxy's Edge.
  5. "Waste Knot, Want Knot" appeared in Nature Physics.
  6. "The Memory-Setter's Apprentice" was published in Fantasy Scroll.
  7. "A Vision of Paradise" was published in Bastion SF.
  8. "Dumpster Diving" appeared in Nature. It was also podcast by Nature.
  9. "Miranda's Wings" was published in The Journal Of Unlikely Entomology.
  • I started a new bi-monthly review column, "Another Dimension", for the magazine Intergalactic Medicine Show. My first column covered the anthologies Solaris Rising 3: The New Solaris Book of Science Fiction and Time Travel: Recent Trips.
  • I edited a number of guest posts and Roundtable discussions for the Locus blog and wrote a couple of my own.

2015 Forthcoming Stories

  • "Repeat After Me" is my first middle-grade SF short story, and will be included in the 2015 anthology Young Explorer's Adventure Guide, edited by Corie and Sean Weaver. I've seen the ebook version of this, and think physical copies will prob start shipping in Jan or Feb.
  • "The Obvious Solution", in which I resurrect a famous SF author, will appear in Buzzy Magazine. This is scheduled for publication on 02/06/2015.
  • "The Romance of Flying on Dead Languages" will be appearing in the first issue of Bahamut (scheduled for June 2015), edited by Rima Abunasser and Darin Bradley, with quite an extraordinary line-up of authors.
  • Mike Resnick bought "The Rose is Obsolete", about time-travel and the challenges of old age, for Galaxy's Edge. Not sure yet when this will come out, but will be in 2015.
  • Rose Lemberg picked up my experimental piece "And Now You Are Alone Among the Stars" for the anthology she is editing, An Alphabet of Embers. Not quite sure of publication date yet.
  • "The Black Hole and the Entropy Collector" will appear in Nature Physics. Again, not quite sure of publication date yet.
  • "Gate of Sun, Gate of Moon" will be appearing in the anthology Ruins Excavation edited by Eric. T Reynolds. The theme of the anthology is archaeologists who are women of color. My story is science fiction, but other entries will be in different genres, as well as mainstream. No final publication date yet.
  • A French edition of When the Blue Shift Comes, from ActuSF, is forthcoming, and will most likely appear in 2015.

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