Thursday, September 4, 2014

Three Seconds

Two new stories and an interview out in September!

So why did I call this post "Three Seconds"? Because each of these items marks my second appearance in that particular venue.


This is my second appearance in Nature. My first, "Coffee in End Times," was a collaboration with Alex Shvartsman, which you can read here: Alex is currently putting together his first collection of short fiction, Explaining Cthulhu to Grandma and Other Stories, which will be out around Feb 2015, and our story will be included in that collection. To that end, we've written some comments about the story. Fair warning, they're best read after the story. Here are our story notes:

  • My story "Eine Kleine Nachtfilm" was just published in Galaxy's Edge. It's a tribute story to one of the great short story writers, in and out of science fiction, but I won't say who. That would make things less fun, wouldn't it? :-) You can read it here, and I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out: 

This is also my second appearance in Galaxy's Edge. Last year the magazine published my story "All Along the Golden Front." Thank you, Mike Resnick, on both counts!


I got to interview Ann Leckie, whose first novel, Ancillary Justice, has won every major science fiction award (and then some!), for the fine folks at Clarkesworld while I was in London. That interview, "Consciousness as Story: A Conversation with Ann Leckie",  was published a few days ago, and may be found here:

I've had one previous interview published in Clarkesworld, which was with Chuck Wendig. (You can read it here:

Extra, Extra

Also recently, I asked Jonathan R. Eller, author of Becoming Ray Bradbury, and the new Ray Bradbury Unbound, to drop by the Locus Mag blog, and he was kind enough to do so:

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