Monday, July 22, 2013

#30 out of 40 — Novel: Day Two

Finished reading Jonathan Strahan's anthology of original fantasy stories, Fearsome Journeys: The New Solaris Book of Fantasy. A very strong anthology, I'd say. For me, on the whole, the more humorous stories were a little less effective than the straight ones (which often had a few notes of morbid humor anyway), but I appreciated the range of tones and approaches. I do think most stories benefited from being of novelette and novella length (though Daniel Abraham's shorter one was just the right length). Dave Truesdale does his typically thorough reviewing job here.

Day 45 of writing streak. 2,000 words on the novel. Second day working on it and energy is good.

Also did some further edits on a flash I finished last week, cutting some words and I think strengthening its overall effect.

Nice run and walk today; total just under 6 miles.

Tonight we went to a late showing of The Way, Way Back. Mostly charming and funny, it didn't quite deliver the emotional oomph I was hoping for, resorting at times to what almost felt like indie tropes. Still, not a bad flick. And I have a hard time disliking anything Sam Rockwell does.

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