Saturday, July 20, 2013

#28 out of 40 — Wake Up! And Smile!

A couple of days ago I picked up my gf from the airport at night and as we stopped at a red light on the way back (specifically, the intersection between Jeffrey and Walnut) I noticed strange behavior from the female driver in the lane to the right of me. Her head sort of rolled on her shoulder, so that she was no longer looking forward but sideways, and slowly but surely her car began rolling into the intersection -- the light still red, and traffic coming both ways. I honked the horn and held it down until the unremitting blast alerted her that something was wrong and she hit the break, after having rolled just over a foot into the crossing (and having received additional honks from oncoming traffic). She quickly placed the car in reverse and returned to behind the white line. Wow! Amazingly, no damage was done. (And amusingly, as this was happening, another car several lanes over started honking at me, probably having no clue why I was holding down the horn as long as I did, since they couldn't see the woman's car from where they were). Hope the lady got rest or whatever she needed.

Minimal reading today.

Day 43 of writing streak. Another 1,000 words on the fantasy story, really almost done now. And a bit more prep work for the project I'm starting tomorrow.

Today was The Day the Earth Smiled. Did you? :-)

Saw the horror flick Would You Rather. Two words: Jeffrey Combs. (The plot is pretty unconvincing, the proceedings a little *too* explicitly grisly for my tastes, and the ending easy to guess if you stop to think for a bit. But Jeffrey Combs.)


Mike Wasowski said...

Wow u saved a life! I'm a bit disappointed u didn't jump out and physically stop the car from rolling into the many oncoming headlights though...maybe that's how the incident will be depicted when your life is perpetuated on the silver screen.

Alvaro Zinos-Amaro said...

I think the most credit I could take would be in *possibly* delaying the moment of her death -- and I emphasize *possibly* -- I'll leave the "saving" of lives to the priests and rabbis :-)

The silver screen? Nah, a writer's life is too boring for that, I'm afraid. At least *this* writer's life is.