Thursday, July 18, 2013

#26 out of 40 — Structure of Signification

Strange Horizons published my review of Jack Skillingstead's Life on the Preservation today. Have received a couple of complimentary comments so far, which I'm grateful for, since review-writing can be quite a thankless (though stimulating) task.

Today's reading consisted of the first 100 pages of Paul Carter's academic/cultural study of agoraphobia, Repressed Spaces: The Poetics of Agoraphobia (2002). It's been a while since I've read a text this dense; the going has been slow, slow, slow, with plenty of note-taking along the way (I'm planning to use this is a key reference in a forthcoming essay). Here is a sample page (click to enlarge):

But it's been plenty rewarding, too, with many a thought-provoking idea and reference.

Day 41 of writing streak. Completed the first round of edits on the flash story I wrote yesterday, and added 500 words to the fantasy tale. Also did some planning work for the essay mentioned above.

And fitness was achieved, a good run in the evening and calisthenics in the morning and afternoon.

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