Sunday, July 14, 2013

#22 out of 40 — You'll Never Be this Young--or Old--Again

I had the pleasure of spending about 3 hours today in a gathering of family and friends, celebrating the 10th birthday of a very special boy. The party was Minecraft-themed, per the boy's request, and held at a nearby park. Weather was perfect, food delicious, and the company outstanding. I think in the last sentence I covered the essentials in reverse order of importance :-)

Day 37 of writing streak. Added only 300 words to the new fantasy story, but words are words. After receiving some helpful feedback I completed a second round of edits on the flash story from earlier in the week and submitted it. I also edited my review of The Peacock Cloak, and did a little more planning for the longer writing project I plan on starting towards the end of July.

Read about 40 more pages of Baxter's Deep Future.

Nice sunset walk took care of my miles for the day.

Bought four books this morning. Here they are:

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