Thursday, July 11, 2013

#20 out of 40 — Suddenly Full

Today's reading once again consisted of poems published in Star*Line.

Day 35 of writing streak. Wrote two more sf poems and 1,000 words on the new fantasy story I started yesterday. Also got in a few rounds of edits on the flash piece I finished on Tuesday; first reader feedback will come later tonight.

Fitness goals met, despite the heat, including a lovely sunset walk, in addition to running before dinner. (Weirdly, it drizzled this morning, but not enough to cool things down much. Today was June gloom at its grey and sticky finest. And yes, I'm aware that we're in July.)

Unusual experience with my gf at a restaurant tonight. After waiting about twenty minutes to be called, we sit down and place our sushi order (plus a tempura appetizer and some calamari). Shortly after the miso soup and appetizer are served, all of our sashimi and rolls are brought out at once, crowding the table. That, combined with scarfing down the food much too fast after the long wait, and drinking hot tea instead of water, made us suddenly full about ten minutes into the meal. Sometimes anticipation really is the best part. (The quality of the food was excellent--no complaints there. But the presentation of the sashimi could have used improvement.)

Oh, and we're now halfway through this series of blog posts. It's going kinda fast!

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