Tuesday, July 9, 2013

#18 out of 40 — Sound of Her Voice

Today we watched Sound of My Voice (2011), an intriguing film which may or may not be science fiction; it involves a cult leader named Maggie who claims she's from the future. Bare-bones film-making, but the execution was solid. The writing, brought to life by nuanced performances, was decent enough to support the ambitious psychological tone. I tend to enjoy films about cults, people trying to reprogram themselves, etc. Though I don't think this was as intensely immersive or aesthetic as the outstanding Martha Marcy May Marlene (also 2011), with which it only superficially overlaps, the speculative element made it more intellectually thrilling.

Reading time today was spent on poems, catching up on the last issue of Star*Line, the awesome magazine of the Science Fiction Poetry Association.

Day 33 of writing streak. Finished my first draft of the new flash story, at 1,500 words, and completed first round of edits. Needs a couple more before it goes out.

Also started edits on the story I finished last week (about 5,000 words). Much tweaking required, but getting there.

Wrote two sf poems. Will write two or three more and then send them to various places.

Fitness (cardio and calisthenics) done.

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