Friday, June 28, 2013

#7 out of 40 — Why She Was Not Afraid to Name the Editor

Being woken up by the loud cackling of frenzied birds right outside my window at 6 am this morning after nodding off at around 2 am (my brain just wouldn't turn off last night) didn't make the day overly productive.

One of the first items that caught my attention this morning was Mary Robinette Kowal's inspiring blog post "Why am I afraid to name the editor?". Please read it all the way through. (Incidentally, I'll note that one of the things that made her post specially "real" for me--whatever that means, in this context--is that I was once on a panel with the editor she refers to in the title's post.)

Malzberg fever continues. Paul Di Filippo ponders in Locus the same collection I reviewed for LABR. I'm typically impressed by the quality of Filippo's reviews, which are witty, insightful and playfully capture writers' influences and the context of their work. His take on Malzberg was no exception. (He's an incredibly prolific reviewer, too--another trait I admire). One of my most common responses, when reaching the end of a Filippo review, is to wish I was better-read, and this happened again today. Check out just some of his many many reviews for Barnes & Noble.

While one of the events of world importance just around the corner on July 1st is Croatia's joining of the EU, one of the events of immediate importance to me is the end of Google Reader on the same day. Where to take all my feeds? After considering various options, I ended up migrating my feeds to Feedly, and I couldn't be happier. The transition took all of five minutes, and I actually like the options and layout better in this reader.

Day 22 of writing streak. No edits today, but I did continue adding words to the WIP despite being tired. Having submitted my entry for this quarter of the Writers of the Future contest back on 6/17 has made it feel like I can actually breathe (and continue to focus on new stories) as the end of the month approaches.

Spent far too much time this evening grooming iPod artwork and backing up all of my iPod's music to iTunes (which has to be done circuitously, rather than being a straightforward transfer from device to software).

And lastly, fitness goals achieved, though it was a struggle.

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