Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Story Published in Basement Stories!

A new SF magazine has arrived ... please provide a warm round of applause for Basement Stories!

The first issue was published earlier today and may be found at Issue One of Basement Stories.

I'm very excited about the launch of this new 'zine, which is edited by Carol Kirkman and James Dent (for an interview, see here; for the "About" section see here). The first issue contains fiction by Aaron Polson, Spencer Koelle, Erich William Bergmeier, Rajan Khanna, Gary Cuba Ericka Kahler and George Potter. I'm not familiar with their work but look forward to checking it out shortly.

This first issue also contains my story:

Hope you enjoy it!

[For the record, this is my first fiction sale for which I was paid at a rate of cent-per-word, rather than a token or flat fee payment -- which surely isn't a big deal at all, except it is for me! Every measure of progress is encouraging :-)]

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