Monday, June 14, 2010

Book #20 of 2010

Title: Pincher Martin
Author/Editor: William Golding
Year Published: 1956
Category: Literature.

Finished this tonight, my twentieth book thus far in 2010. It happens to have been published exactly one hundred years after the last book I blogged about, Madame Bovary.

In short, this was frakkin' insane. I had some idea of what to expect because of Book #18, Terry Eagleton's On Evil. But nothing can -- nor should -- prepare one for the full sensory experience of Pincher Martin.



"A thought was forming like a piece of sculpture behind the eyes but in front of the unexamined center. He watched the thought for a timeless interim while the drops of sweat trickled down from blotch to blotch. But he knew that the thought was an enemy and so although he saw it he did not consent or allow it to become attached to him in realization. If the slow center had any activity now it brooded on its identity while the thought stayed there like an ignored monument in a park." (p. 161)
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