Sunday, August 16, 2009

Aineko Unfurls its Tail: Course Adjustment

Over the last couple of months most of my entries here have been mostly limited to listing things (what I've read, how many words I've written, etc.) and providing links to published pieces and other tidbits. This hasn't been accidental. Keeping track of stuff in this fashion has allowed me to better monitor my progress or lack thereof against my goals in all areas and, as a result, even be more productive in some.

But now that I feel I've gotten the hang of this stuff, and have developed formats I'm comfortable with for those types of entries, I'm going to redress the balance somewhat towards the more personal entries, the type that I originally started with last year and slowly phased to a minimum. That's not to say I'll be dropping the more list-oriented posts, simply that I'll be doing both things at once. Which means I'll be posting more often.

With that in mind, something that will make it easier to be more active in maintaining this blog with entries that contain actual human content is the new set-up I have in Microsoft Word, which allows me to type up the entry in a word doc and then publish it directly through Blogger. Before I was wasting time cutting and pasting, fixing formatting etc.. I know, I know, I was practicing my cold art of blog-list updates using barbarically inefficient, antediluvian techniques. Well, no more!

I've been procrastinating on writing about Worldcon 2009 because, I guess, trying to sum everything up defies the mind and even the thought of it is a little exhausting. But, inspired by other people's artful summations, I'll give it a shot in the near future.

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