Saturday, April 4, 2009

This Week's Cardio Dalliance

Monday 03/30/2009 3 miles
Tuesday 03/31/2009 2.8 miles
Wednesday 04/01/2009 Rest miles
Thursday 04/02/2009 3 miles
Friday 04/03/2009 2.9 miles
Saturday 04/04/2009 3.2 miles
Sunday 04/05/2009 Rest

Total: 14.9 miles
Me Pleased

This week I focused my cardio on caloric targets each day as opposed to mileage. As a result, my weekly miles total is a little lower than other weeks, since I hovered around the 300 calorie mark more strictly on a per-day basis than other weeks.

I've improved my caloric burn efficiency; I can now burn 300 cals in approx 23 mins, whereas before my same "exertion level" (somewhere between moderate and vigorous) would have landed me at 24 mins or above. I continue to see improvements and to be motivated by it!
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