Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My One Year Anniversary...

...of health. It just passed, on 10/24. That marks a year since I started the changes in my eating habits and exercise routines, and the benefits have been tangible. One Health Year, or HY. For the first time I can say I didn't get sick once during the past 365 days; not a cough, not a cold, not a stomach ailment. And I've been far more active, in just about every imaginable way, including traveling. I did get a few headaches over the past year, but that was in response to not sleeping sufficiently and straining my eyes too much, in combination with not sitting correctly. Mea culpa.

I'm preparing to make further changes in my eating habits (as part of the preventive measures I've mentioned), which I'll post here in more detail after I've finished designing them, and to monitor my progress in exercise. I'm excited about this "second year" of Health I've just kicked off!

HY 2? Hell yeah!
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