Saturday, September 13, 2008

Vacation Day 2

I forgot to mention yesterday my sister sent me a great gift -- a home-made album with photographs of me and friends and family from all phases of my life. It was quite lovely. Thanks sis! And it's kind of a curiously useful artifact, outside of the sentiment, because I don't tend to take pictures myself (specially of myself) or keep them around.

Continued to work on poetry (and earn my rejections), and on keeping all my story submissions in circulation. More prep work for the review. Fun reading on various fronts. Watched the first part, on the "Browser Wars," of the 4-part docu on the story of the Internet, which was geekily satisfying. Also the first part of the Michael Wood-presented Legacy: The Origins of Civilization. And the pilot to the show John From Cincinnati had a lot of strong material -- I'll definitely try to ride this wave in the future, if I ever make more time for watching TV shows again (this vacation with my parents is somewhat of an exception). But it looks like the complete series is only 10 episodes long -- mmm, tempting.
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