Friday, September 12, 2008

Vacation Day 1

Yesterday I took the day off work, and completed several errands in anticipation of my parent's arrival at night at the airport, from Spain. It was the perfect segue from full work mode to full time-off mode, which I'm considering really kicked in today.

Had a great time; got off to an early start at 7 am. Worked on some poems, ran 2 miles before breakfast; we all went to pick up their rental, and the rest of the day was relaxed fun. My parents brought me a bunch of books I'd left behind (yay), we had a great meal, and spent the evening hanging out and watching shows. Included was a documentary about the remarkable 100 contemporary exhibits at the Saatchi art Gallery.

I also started work on a review I'm aiming to have finished by Friday. (And I can't resist mentioning that my copy of Anathem arrived in the mail today and I resisted the supreme temptation of biting right in! Talk about self-control!)
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