Monday, July 14, 2008


Made my third short story sale!

My story "Arrows, Co-Arrows" has been accepted for publication by Labyrinth Inhabitant Magazine, a very cool e-zine, the "web's first magazine devoted to stories about life in giant artificial structures created by forces beyond human comprehension." There's a lot of interesting work in the first two issues. Not aware yet when the story will be published; updates to follow as I get them.

After receiving some really helpful feedback and direction regarding the first draft of my review of Malzberg's Breakfast in the Ruins, I pretty much re-wrote it -- and it has now been accepted for publication in the first issue of Fruitless Recursion, a new journal devoted to works of SF criticism. Again, will post updates when I have more info. This is my fourth sale of 08.

Two fun audio interviews:
  • This one is a podcast interview with Geoffrey Thorne, author of one of the recent Star Trek: Titan novels. It's aimed at starting writers and Thorne gets very detailed about his first sales and experiences with editors -- a lot of good stuff, about an hour long.
  • This one is with composer Danny Elfman, another extensive interview. He discusses his recent scores to Wanted and Hellboy 2, and much else besides!
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