Friday, April 27, 2007

Progressive Non-Disciplinary Action

I still haven't heard back from the folks who interviewed me on Tuesday morning. The delay, I think, makes it pretty clear that I will not be moving forward to the next round of interviews and data analysis, since there was a palpable sense of urgency in the process. But I am not too disappointed. I'll ask for feedback and get some pointers, learn how to tighten the show. My spirits remain high; my goal, after all, is to get this job by the end of 07 or early 08, and by starting now I'm just setting myself up for success in the remainder of the year.

I met a friend, and her sister and date, for dinner. Good time was had by me and I'm thinkin' the rest of the bunch. My humor verged on being forced but, I think, just steered clear of that. For whatever reason, I felt responsible for the group's "humorous well-being" (what does that even mean?) since I arrived at the diner and therefore felt comfortable saying silly, almost clownish things to tease some chuckles and elicit some smiles. I did amuse myself. And I walked away from the experience with a sense that my friend's sister is a really fragile person, or at least is in a very fragile place right now. A place not well-lit, and full of potential self-pitfalls.

It's time to wrap up things up at the office for this month over the next two days, and that's an appealing prospect. A new month presents new opportunities to improve and enjoy life -- even at work!

After near badgering on my behalf, my friend-in-the-making agreed (happily?) to lunch next Wednesday. I'm looking forward to it -- and even if it doesn't happen, nothing will be able to erase my having looked forward to it.

And then of course I get to spend more time on my stories come the weekend. It'll be exciting to send one out shortly.
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