Saturday, January 17, 2015

An Interview, a MindMeld and Two Reviews


Vanessa MacLellan, with whom I share a table of contents in the 2015 Young Explorer's Adventure Guide, interviewed me for her blog.

She's going to be doing a series of interviews like this one with other authors appearing in this anthology, so make sure to check her blog regularly for updates.

Meantime, I should probably mention that the anthology itself is already available through Amazon :-) You can get the e-book here and the physical version here.


SF Signal recently invited me to participate in one of their MindMeld features. The topic at hand was "SF Stories That Predicted the Future — Or Didn't". A lot of interesting responses, as usual. I ended up using the MindMeld to recommend ten different books. To get to that list, I started with a broader selection and eventually whittled it down. I wasn't entirely surprised to see that my list of runner-ups included several of the titles others mentioned. I'm glad I went with a slightly different take on the question and provided mostly unique suggestions. (I say "mostly" because I couldn't quite bring myself to remove William Gibson from my final list, so that one still overlapped.)

Two Reviews

My first two reviews of 2015 are out, in my second "Another Dimension" column for Intergalactic Medicine Show. Here are the links:

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