Friday, July 26, 2013

#35 out of 40 — On the Cusp of 34

In about five minutes I'll be turning 34 -- meaning, starting my 35th year of life on this pale blue dot. I feel incredibly fortunate to be in good health, to be loved by those around me, and to have the privilege of loving them back. And it feels like things just continue to get better and better with time! To my family and friends, hear hear!

Day 50 of writing streak. 1,200 words on the novel.

And another 500 words on the new essay.

Read the first 60 pages of Will McIntosh's intriguing new novel, Love Minus Eighty. Looking forward to seeing how the various character relationships play out.

Also read the first 50 pages of Suzanne Young's YA novel The Program.

And fitness goals achieved.
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