Monday, July 15, 2013

#23 out of 40 — Geeky Delight

Pretty relaxing Sunday.

Nice 3.2 mile walk, with a refreshing stop for some sugar-free frozen yogurt.

Day 38 of writing streak. 400 words on the new fantasy story. Spent about two hours on the eighth (!) round of edits for the time-travel story from June. Some material changed, and more cuts made. Down to 6,000 words now, and I'm feeling like it's close to being "there," wherever there is. I'm going to do one final pass on this one next weekend and then out it goes.

Got up to page 150 of Stephen Baxter's Deep Future. The farther out we move in space and time from present Earth, the more I'm enjoying it.

And, a small thing that nevertheless brings great geeky delight: found and installed an LCARS style for Wikipedia, so that searching for something like, say, "Cephalopod Intelligence," now looks thusly:

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