Monday, July 8, 2013

#16 out of 40 — Of Sunday Doings

This is how I spent my Sunday:

  • Went for a 45 min walk with gf. Delicious lox and tuna melt bagels for breakfast. Some grocery shopping.
  • Spoke with my parents, currently living in Spain.
  • Sixth round of edits on a short story I've been revising on-and-off for three weeks now.
  • Watched All You Need is Love (2012) with gf. Delightful performances, specially by Brosnan and Dyrholm. Beautiful photography, too. Not a masterpiece, but diverting enough.
  • Imported the contacts I had exported from my former corporate concession phone into the current smartphone by emailing myself the vcf file from my PC. All contacts restored. Yay.
  • Updated and reformatted my resume.
  • Spent about an hour and a half on background material for a story I'm planning to write later in the month.
  • Watched a 30-min documentary on capuchin monkeys -- this is also related to the above project.
  • Spent about an hour catching up on world news with the latest issue of The Economist.
  • Read the five chapters I had left of Robert Silverberg's fascinating study of hoaxes, Scientists and Scoundrels. Even though I've only just finished the book, I'm sure I'll be revisiting certain sections soon. And I'd like to learn more about the life and work of Paul Kammerer, the subject of Chapter Eleven, among others.
  • A shorter 20 min walk.
  • Continued writing the flash story I started yesterday. Day 31 of writing streak.
  • Wrote this quick blog post.

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