Tuesday, July 2, 2013

#11 out of 40 — Five Gold Bands and One Great Goblin

Today's reading comprised the first half of Jack Vance's The Five Gold Bands, a colorful novel originally published in Startling Stories (November 1950). The Daw paperback edition from 1980 that I'm reading has the following tagline on the cover: "The biggest manhunt in galactic history." And while that's true, the story is simultaneously a riveting treasure hunt. Look forward to finishing it tomorrow.

Continuing with Scientists and Scoundrels, I learned about the fascinating case of the Etruscan terracotta warrior forgeries. This has whetted my appetite for Etruscan history in general ...

Fitness was more relaxed today (walking rather than running), in addition to the calisthenics, but my goals were still achieved.

Day 26 of writing streak, and some mild edits on a review I'm looking forward to seeing published.

We finished The Hobbit. The action sequence fighting the Great Goblin inside the mountain seemed over-wrought, and the film as a whole felt bloated, but it was solid entertainment, with plenty of visual candy and lovable characters. Always dig hearing Shore's compositions married to the epic, resplendent visuals for which they were designed, too.

And while all of the above is great, I didn't get much writing done, nor writing-related planning, so tomorrow I'll really need to hunker down and make more progress on these essential fronts.
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