Thursday, June 27, 2013

#6 out of 40 — No Shrimp for You

Productive--and tiring--day.

Didn't get enough sleep last night, as I stayed up late working on various items but got up at the usual time. But I still managed to hit my fitness goals ... and I'm ready to pass out soon.

I had an interesting (lame) experience at a restaurant today. After less than stellar service, the server let us know, about five minutes after ordering, that my selection (basically, tofu) was "not available today." Fine. (But really, tofu? When half a dozen of their dishes list it as an ingredient?) So then I decide to go with shrimp, one of the other few vegetarian options. Five minutes later we get a repeat of the earlier performance. The server announces that shrimp is "not available today." At that point we cancelled our order and decided to go somewhere else. As we were getting ready to leave the manager came out, apologized, and said the drinks (a tea and diet coke) were on them. Sheesh.

Much progress made on the story I spent so much time editing yesterday; after another intense round of surgery, the patient is now down to 7,100 words (starting at an initial 9,100!). One more round of edits tomorrow, and then I'll be asking for more feedback on it.

Also, edits on a new flash piece. And still teensy momentum (= 500 words) on the WIP.

Day 21 of writing streak.

Read some today, but not ready to discuss anything in a cogent way. Except maybe to point the Curious Reader with an interest in history or archaeology to the fascinating story of the Kensington stone, which I encountered in Chapter 6 of Robert Silverberg's delightful Scientists and Scoundrels: A Book of Hoaxes.

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