Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monkey See, Monkey Do

SF Signal has published another "Crackpot" set of questions by Yours Truly; this time the individual on the answering end is Rick Klaw, whose latest project is an excellent anthology titled The Apes of Wrath. Hope you enjoy the interview. It was fun trying to insert as many references to monkeys etc. as possible in my questions -- and, if it wasn't clear, I do recommend the anthology.

In other news, that estimable publication, The New York Review of Science Fiction, has reviewed When the Blue Shift Comes in its January 2013 issue. In the first two thirds or so of his review, D. Douglas Fratz does a great job of describing this collaborative project, and provides a good summary of Silverberg's opening novella. And though he's not exactly impressed with the work in toto ("very interesting to those of us immersed in the field of science fiction writing, but not really a satisfactory work of sf"), he says some very nice things about my closing novella along the way:

"I was therefore surprised to find that Alvaro Zinos-Amaro did an excellent job of finding answers to all of these puzzling questions, creating a conclusion to the novel that in retrospect feels not only right but the only way the story could proceed to its logical conclusion. He also matches Silverberg’s quirky narrative technique and style so well that much of the text (especially early on) reads like a pastiche of Silverberg’s piece."
(D. Douglas Fratz, NYRSF January 2013, Number 293)

It's a real pleasure to be reviewed by the NYRSF, and I couldn't be happier with Fratz's comments about my contribution to the Blue Shift.

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