Tuesday, October 2, 2012


A few quick updates related to the forthcoming WHEN THE BLUE SHIFT COMES:

  • The book is now available for pre-order through Barnes & Noble (here) and Amazon (here)!! If you have a second follow the link to Amazon and click "Like" at the top of the page, under the authors. And, if the mood is right, feel free to pre-order it! I won't mind. Really, not one bit.
  • The color configuration of the cover has now been updated, and both the author names show up in yellow, whereas before one was in yellow and one was in white. (Why should anyone care? I don't know. I like it more now.)
  • Publishers Weekly reviewed the book -- and didn't particularly care for it. However, they thought I did a good job with my half, and that makes me happy. I'll quote only the relevant line (since when does an author need anything but praise?):
    "Amaro more than matches Silverberg’s energetically expository style and manages to tie up all the loose ends..."
  • That's the first review I've seen. I'll post more if/when I see them.

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