Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Salon Futura and I

Salon Futura, Issue #8, went up yesterday.

It has interesting pieces by Gary Westfahl, Raz Greenberg and Jonathan Clements, in addition to the usual lively editorial and interviews by Cheryl. I'm happy to announce that I also contributed a piece to this penultimate issue of a fine magazine -- here's the link:
An essay about essays. Go figure. Actually, I wrote the piece in response to a specific podcast I listened to a few days before (which I comment on in the essay's first paragraph). Hope you enjoy it.

Anyone looking at the table of contents will also notice my name next to the "Pipeline" feature, where staff and guest contributors recommend upcoming books they're excited about.

After contributing an essay back in December I was asked to volunteer some titles for that issue; invited back to pick some new titles in January, and thereafter asked to edit the feature on a monthly basis. It wasn't something I planned, but I've felt lucky to be a part of Salon Futura in this capacity, and have enjoyed editing the "Pipeline" feature for the last three issues. At this point it looks like Issue #9 may be the final one, so I'll probably get to edit the feature one last time. Wish the learning experience could have lasted longer, but am definitely glad for the opportunity I had. And there's plenty of recommended books in the last four or five Pipelines to keep one busy for a long time!
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