Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Week's Cardio Dalliance

Sunday 01/24/2010 1.5 hours bowling (Made 175 twice)
Monday 01/25/2010 1 hour bowling. Sored 224 on third game. Yearly goal of 200 achieved!
Tuesday 01/26/2010 2.5 miles
Wednesday 01/27/2010 1 hour bowling
Thursday 01/28/2010 Rest
Friday 01/29/2010 2.5 miles
Saturday 01/30/2010 2.5 miles

Total 7.5 miles

Another very busy week, but I still managed to get my three cardio workouts in.

And I hit 200 bowling! I was in a strange mood on Monday morning. I decided, for no apparent reason, to go bowling during my lunch break, a highly unusual choice, to put it mildly. I could tell right away I was focused; on my third game I hit 224. I figure this isn't bad for someone who first went bowling in October of last year (and I haven't gone consistently). It also means that no matter what happens between Feb and December, there's no pressure to make my goal. I like that.
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