Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Asimov's Great Great SF Stories Series

Today I got the last volume in this magnificent 25-volume set of anthologies edited by Isaac Asimov and Martin H. Greenberg on the Great Science Fiction stories. It covers 1939-1963, and each volume selects short fiction stand-outs from that particular year, with nifty introductions.

I'm somewhat familiar with the earlier volumes, which contain indispensable stories from the Golden Age and beyond; I'm really looking forward to reading stories I don't know in the latter books and filling in gaps in my knowledge.

Incidentally, the set contains many (though not all) of the stories referenced by Barry Malzberg in his comments about his favorite issues of Astounding in the below clip. [Link courtesy of Scott Edelman via FB; clip generously posted by Eric Solstein.]

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