Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2009 Nirvanas

What new SF stories published in 2009 took you to new places? Transformed you? Exceeded your ability to contain them?

I'll probably be writing a piece about 2009 stories that caught my eye some time next month, and will soon be going back to stuff I put aside or missed entirely. I have a list of the stories I've read so far, with comments on some, and several ideas as to candidates. The final selection will probably be no more than six stories.

I've got a few resources in mind as prepping tools:
  • The short fiction reviews published regularly in Locus for various critical responses, as well as several blogs.
  • There's been interesting short fiction discussion at Torque Control's Short Story Club.
  • There's a plethora of recommendations over at the Asimov's forums in the thread "The best new stories of 2009."
  • There's a small stack of original fiction anthologies from 2009 around here somewhere; and
  • Your thoughts.

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