Saturday, October 24, 2009

\ Rea-dying \

Read/listened to since the last update:

: This morning I finished Journey Into Space by
Toby Litt. Book 32 of '09.

I chose this book primarily because I'd just finished Baxter's Ark and was looking forward to another generation starship story. Also, I'm always intrigued by SF books (if that's what they are; this one is marketed simply as "Fiction," despite the obvious and striking spaceship on the cover) produced by non-SF writers. I wasn't disappointed on either account. Reading Litt immediately after Baxter made the similarities and differences in their approaches to the basic generation starship scenario easier to spot than if I'd read other things in between. Also, Litt's literary polish -- the higher aesthetic of the writing, as compared to Baxter -- is evident. I'll be mulling this over and may have more to say.
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