Sunday, August 30, 2009

Writers of the Future: 25 Years

Last night I attended the 25th Anniversary Writers of the Future Awards ceremony in Hollywood. The event was lavishly produced. I was lucky, in that I got to meet K. D. Wentworth, from whom I've received two critiques for my Semi-Finalist entries in previous quarters. She actually remembered the stories, which was certainly flattering, considering how many critiques she writes. I also got to introduce myself to Contest Director Joni Labaqui, who, rightly, emphasized that perseverance counts for much more than talent in this enterprise. My goal last year was to submit every quarter, which I've accomplished, and I'm sticking to the same objective for next year. Why mess with a good formula?

I only noticed the small irony of the Presidential theme to my evening after the fact: the ceremony was held in the Roosevelt Hotel (in the same hall in which the very first Academy Awards were presented), and the main street off which I live is similarly named Roosevelt. So there's a meaningless connection for ya.

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