Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Unhungry in Anaheim

Yesterday night at around 11 pm, at an Anheim Hilton, a rowdy, well-inebriated group of three or four specimens sat around the bar and began to holler grunge songs of yesteryear. At the same time, a few feet away from the bar, I sat in the lounge area, trying to have a conversation, and mostly succeeding despite their hollerin'. I admit that it finally became too distracting and I couldn't help but comment on the rabble-rousers when they decided to try emulating C Cornell and E Vedder in the classic "Hunger Strike." I couldn't believe it – these middle-aged, pudgy, drunken Californians, artificial blondes and tanned sports-clad bonobos, apparently missed the irony of repeatedly singing "I'm going Hungry!!" while pouring down the drinks in an air-conditioned hotel.

Still. They finally quieted down (or passed out, or passed on into a less ironic dimension).

And it is a great song. Brought back memories. Ah, the grunge of days gone by.

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