Monday, June 22, 2009

Semi-Finalist @ Writers of the Future!

I placed in the semi-final category for the 2nd quarter of the Writers of the Future contest.

There are eighteen (myself included) semi-finalists and finalists combined, from what I can see on the blog, so that's pretty exciting -- I was within the top eighteen of over a thousand submissions.

It was really nice to get a phone call from Joni, the Director of the Contest, with the good news, and to let me know that my story will be receiving a critique.

Back in March I renewed my commitment to myself to do better than in previous quarters, in which I received Honorable Mentions. I'm really pleased I was able to keep to that and improve by one level.

My resolution now, inspired by progress thus far, is to take it up by one more level and become a Finalist. That would place my odds of actually becoming a winner, if all finalist entries were similar in quality, at about 40%. I do realize that's a specious argument, as it's not a lottery (lol!), but it's an easy way for me to visualize the goal ahead!
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