Friday, May 29, 2009

My New Review: A Mini-History of SF

The fourth issue of Fruitless Recursion has just been published, and with it my review of Science Fiction (Cultural History of Literature) by Roger Luckhurst.

This issue also contains two other neat reviews, one by Karen Burnham on Delany (incidentally, it looks like Starboard Wine is going to be re-issued later this year, which will make her review that much more timely) and one by Paul Graham Raven on James Gunn and co.

Link-y to my review:
As I mentioned to the editor, this was probably the most involved academic book on SF I've read. Working through it and capturing my responses to it was both challenging and exciting. I certainly learned a lot from both the book and the process of its analysis.

In the introduction to the issue, Jonathan McCalmont notes that I've produced "a piece so detailed in its analyses and discussions that I think it comes close to being a cultural history of science fiction in its own right." Yay, my own mini-history of SF!

This is the eighth review I've written this year, and the eighth to be published.
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