Saturday, January 24, 2009

Basic Tests

Here are the results of some basic tests administered earlier in the week. My body fat is at the lowest its ever been, and I'm actually working to gradually increase it to the 8-12% range. I'm also anticipating gaining a few pounds after I add mild weight training to my cardio regime, later in the year, though I will continue to manage my caloric intake on the modified caloric restriction plan. Unfortunately, the basic tests did not provide a cholesterol breakdown of HDL and LDL, or triglycerides reading. My overall cholesterol level is good, at 154. It will be nice to get the component numbers.

My blood glucose levels were measured 30 minutes after eating breakfast (when I was in the process of digesting oatmeal and fat-free milk): 100. That's not a fasting measurement; taking this into account, they're good. If they had been fasting, they would have still been considered "normal high," and the optimal fasting range I'm looking to attain is 60-80, which I'm probably already at.

I'm excited about the results so far. There is a list of more comprehensive tests I'm compiling, to which I'll be submitting myself over time.

Height: 5 11
Weight: 133 lbs
BMI: 18.5
Body Fat %: 6%

Blood Pressure: 120/74

Total Cholesterol: 154 mg / dL

Blood Glucose (Non fasting): 100 mg / dL
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