Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Psychopomp This

  • Learned about psychopomps today. You can't go wrong with a word like that. I think I'll put one in every new story I write from now on, until I hate them and decide never to use them again. Then I'll rediscover them some time later and marvel at how neat they are, when used in moderation.
  • Car wouldn't start. Fortunately it was just a drained battery from having left the inside lights on for, say, about a week. Recharged and good to go!
  • Digital amplifier that feeds the surround system at home wouldn't work. Performed a calibration with the mic, checked the input signals, finally found the setting that had somehow got changed which tells the amplifier to read the input using the coaxial cable, not any of the other options, and back in bidness. As a matter of fact, it sounds better than before, now that I recalibrated and fine-tuned it.
  • Took the car to the automated wash. After not realizing that the option I'd chosen didn't include a full dry, and thinking I was entitled to another go through the machine, the person's car in front of me stopped--dead battery. Funny how the dead battery ghost jumps from one vehicle to another. Maybe its really a psychopomp trying to escort all the newly-deceased battery souls into the eternally corrosion-free afterlife.
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